Hello, I'm Grace!

First of all - you're all asking the question.

It's pronounced 'Platz.' And that's just my maiden name. I married into a Swiss family so it got even more complicated!

Thanks for checking out my website and welcome!

Have an explore while you are here and also find me on facebook and insta.

​When I asked my husband to help me proof read this - he described me as a living oxymoron. Relaxed but full of energy, a tad bossy but very kind and always accommodating to the needs of all my individual clients. 

I'm a mixed bag of lollies (mostly red ones). An eco warrior, a sport lover, a barefoot investor! & a loud singer of 80's/90's hits in my car. I LOVE a chat but also can sit and binge watch soppy, heartfelt Netflix shows for hours while I edit. If I wasn't holding a camera at weddings I attend I'd be busting a move on the dance floor too. Since becoming a mother, i'm very passionate about the post-partum experience and advocate for breastfeeding mothers especially (i'd like to become a doula or lactation consultant one day!).

Throwing back to 1992, I was raised in rural QLD on a dairy farm with my parents and two younger sisters (all of whom I adore & am very close to). Married my high school sweetheart Shane (FLC Represent) in 2015 and we welcomed an awesome kid who we called Stellan in Spring 2018.

Photography was supposed to be my 'gap year' until I figured out where I wanted to go in life. I worked part time jobs and then full time as a teacher aide for a number of years but when I became a mum I finally launched myself full time into photography and been so busy I can barely keep up.

I'd love to meet your family and tell your story.