Portrait - Moments

Suitable for immediate families, couples/engagement sessions.


1 hour on-location portrait session

All edited images from your session - approx. 80-90.


(10% discount for returning clients)

GST Inclusive

Portrait - Memories

Suitable for extended family groups exceeding 8 people

1 & 1/2 hour on-location portrait session

All edited images from your session - approx. 100+


(10% discount for returning clients)

GST Inclusive


All images from portrait sessions are edited in both colour & black and white, then delivered via an 

online gallery to download at high format and web size to your computer.


Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in the Lockyer Valley, QLD. Any photography within a 50km radius of my location is included in my pricing and a $55 fee applies per 50km outside this radius.

What do we wear?!

Number #1 most common question i’m always asked when my clients book. I’m not a stylist but i’ve included some tips below! (Maternity clients - I have a selection of dresses on offer).

Comfort is key. Take into consideration the season, your personal style & what footwear suits your location etc. I often ask people to stand, crouch, sit and even lie down at sessions so really short dresses, shorts or clothing that doesn’t allow movement aren’t ideal.

Matching is NOT essential but a general theme can often help. I have created a private gallery of ‘Outfit Inspiration’ that I can link to you for some ideas for your session - please request this if you would like access. Pinterest is also a great way to browse ideas for sessions.


- Shirts with slogans, logos, banners -
These can be very distracting and a little overpowering

- Really bright colours -
Colours throw light and reflections on to skin - for example a red shirt on mum can make the child they are holding look slightly sunburnt. Keep your skin tone and shade in mind in relation to colour as well. Muted tones are often the best.

- Everyone wearing identical matching outfits -
This trend is slightly out-dated - makes the images look a bit 2D.

- Bold shoes -
Draws eyes to the bottom of the photos first and not to faces.

- Hats -
Not totally opposed to these (especially if the person being photographed literally wears one all the time and it’s their natural state). Keep in mind they will shade faces and I may ask they be moved slightly back.

Will your watermark be on any photos?

All of your high-resolution images are delivered to you without a watermark or branding for you to print and share as you wish. It is greatly appreciated if work shared online can be tagged or linked to me - my business thrives on word of mouth.

Can we order prints and other items?

Yes! Having physical copies of your images to display on your walls or give as gifts gives me the warm fuzzies! Through my online gallery you can order a variety of items. If you need help or guidance with any of these options, send me an email!

Can we customise your packages?

Short answer - no ;)
Hours have gone into formulating this costing and I promise you are receiving value for money. Keep in mind, you are not just paying for someone to aim a camera at you. All professional photographers have just as many expenses as other businesses (insurance, household utilities, subscriptions, website etc). I often ask people to put value to their memories and look at them as an investment.

Online gallery? Can we just have a USB?

The quickest and easiest way for me to deliver images is via online galleries (the way of the future! Ta DA!) linked straight to your email inbox. Step-by-step instructions will guide on on how to download all your images to your computer. I can link multiple emails and you can share this link with family to register and download as well! If you do not have a computer and would like your images posted to you on USB - a $20 charge applies.

What is the best time of day for photos?

Always leading to sunset. Timing depends on the seasons - in summer this can mean as late as 5:30pm so please keep this in mind. Lighting is really the key to beautiful, flattering images so please chat to me about the best timing upon booking.

SUNSET TIMES - varies from start to end of month
January - 6:45pm February - 6:30pm
March - 6pm April - 5:30pm
May - 5:15pm June - 5:00pm
July - 5:15pm August - 5:30pm
September - 5:45pm October - 6pm
November - 6:15pm December - 6:30pm

When will we get our photos?

I do my best to get your images to you as soon as possible - I know how badly you want to see them! For portrait, newborn and maternity sessions please allow up to 4 WEEKS for delivery.

Where should we have our portraits taken?

I always find it lovely to capture portraits at places that have meaning. If you have acreage, a beautiful home that you built with a special backyard or a family farm locally - let’s explore those options! Keep in mind that for portraits, the background is just that - the background. So paddocks full of dry grass can make a stunning backdrop as much as trees and gardens.

I can send suggestions for people looking to go somewhere different or don’t have the above options. Please let me know when booking if you need help!

Do I need to pay a deposit?

All portrait services: $100 deposit.
Remainder of payment due 2 business days before scheduled session.
($50 non-refundable)
After 2020, I definitely realise that some things cannot be helped when it comes to rescheduling. You will not have to pay your deposit again if you need to reschedule for valid reasons.

Do you offer payment plans?

Not at this stage. My advice to most clients who like to pay things off is to book in advance & pay your invoice off in the weeks leading to your session (most of my photography services need to be paid in full 2 business days before the booking).

How is it best to prepare children?

Please chat openly about your session with your little ones to prepare them. I was a teacher aid in my former profession and still love working with kids. Things like bubbles are great to bring to outdoor sessions! I have some little tricks up my sleeve as well to get them comfortable and engaged to be photographed. Please do not expect your children to be perfect angels for the session - I’m a photographer but also a mum and you don’t need to feel embarrassed if your children are a little bit out of sorts or uncooperative at times.

Children know when they have expectation placed upon them and tend to push back a bit when they are feeling uncomfortable. Particularly at outdoor sessions, we pace ourselves a bit. For example, i’ll take some photos of parents when children get a little restless and let them have a play in the background or off to the side to relax. Tell them I’m super friendly, I’ll talk to them about their favourite things and we will be great buds by the time the session is over i’m sure.
P.S. I’m a big Captain America/Marvel fan if this helps too!

What if the weather is bad on the day of an outdoor session?

Typically, I don’t reschedule a session unless storms/hail or extreme weather is on the cards.
In Queensland, we usually have passing weather and - if the weather is cloudy and beautiful for photos! - I will push sessions earlier in the day to try to avoid having to reschedule. Also, if you have a brave family, drizzly rain photos can be fun and i’m game ;)

We have a Pinterest board of things we love and some ideas!

Excellent! Feel free to send this to me. This helps me to get an idea of the end results your family would like from your session. At all my sessions I capture a mix of posed & candid moments.